Our Vision

Inspiring learners to grow, learn and succeed
within a dynamic Catholic community.

Our Mission

At Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School we are committed to creating a community of service that reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We GROW by:

We LEARN by:


We value mercy, thanksgiving and service.

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Welcome to Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School.

I am very proud and feel privileged to lead and serve such a vibrant, friendly and caring school community. Christ the Priest is a Catholic co-educational primary school catering for children from Prep to Yr 6. We have a wide-ranging cultural mix of national cultures represented and celebrated. Family and School partnerships are valued and community involvement is encouraged. Community is important at CtP and relationships are promoted and celebrated through positive interaction with students, teachers, parents and the parish.

CtP is a learning community immersed in the traditions and values of the Catholic Church and Gospel Values. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming faith community. CtP is part of the St Catherine of Siena Parish.

At CtP the importance of tolerance and understanding of difference is promoted. As a Positive Behaviour School (PBL) we strive towards being safe, teamworkers, aiming for our best, responsible and respectful (STARR). As such, we teach, guide and encourage all of our students to be STARR’s.

At CtP we have a love of learning, across curriculum areas including English, Maths, Religious Education, Investigations, Physical Education, Music, Drama, LOTE and Visual Arts. It is our hope that everyone can find their niche at CtP. Children are actively encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. I firmly believe each and every one of our students has a variety of rich talents, gifts and interests. By nurturing these in a stimulating, supportive environment, we hope all of our students finish their journey at CtP equipped with the skills to continue as lifelong learners who actively contribute and flourish in society.

I look forward to seeing you at our school!


Adele Vesty, Principal