Prep Teachers

Daniel Grmusa, Courtney Chalmers, Honey Gomes & Ann Maree Ennis​

We are the Prep Team at CtP. We love welcoming all the new students to our wonderful school. We aim to make sure that our new, little prep students have a smooth transition into school life at CtP. We love to encourage learning in our newest students and hope to cultivate a love of learning.

Year One

Tess Noye, Sarah Finnegan and Maureen Micallef​

We are the Year One team at Christ the Priest. We enjoy watching our students turn from Preps into independent Year Ones, where they show amazing growth in their reading, writing, spelling and maths skills. We love reading picture books with our students, completing art activities and having lots of laughs in Year One.

Year Two

Judy Camilleri and Alison Silva

Welcome to the year 2 Team with Mrs Silva and Mrs Judy. Our priority is to provide our students with the best possible learning opportunities. We continue to respond and evolve to ongoing research and best practice in order to prepare students for a future beyond the classroom. Our aim is also to develop independent, responsible learners who are actively involved in their own learning.

Year Three

Jenny Marshall, Patrice Shelton, Helen Sorokowski and Tonia Mizzi

As a Year 3 level, we encourage students to be responsible and respectful learners. We welcome students into the middle years of Primary education by opening up new and exciting extracurricular activities for them to take part in such as the School Choir, Faith Matters Group, Interschool sports and the Swimming carnival. We also take great pride in preparing the students for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Year Four

Tanya Harding, Fiona Gradidge and Domonique Quinn

We are the Year 4 Team at CtP. We love seeing our Year 4 students become independent learners throughout the year. We aim to challenge the Year 4 students to be risk takers and persist at learning tasks. In Year 4, we prepare and students’ First Eucharist and enjoy celebrating this milestone with them.

Year Five

Nicki Hunt, Karoline Matiasik and Laura Lewis

Here at Christ the Priest School we love to see our Year 5 students taking charge and being independent and curious learners. Using technology effectively and efficiently becomes a major focus of our learning. Our students are encouraged to be role models, in readiness to become school leaders in the following year.

Year Six

John Dini, Meg Lister and David Haynes

As the Year 6 team, we have the privilege of teaching students in their final year of primary school. We aim to help our students have a smooth transition to secondary school by encouraging them to be self-motivated learners, dynamic leaders and people filled with the Holy Spirit. We have a range of teaching experience, from grey hair to gamers who love building relationships with the students and families in our school community.

Leadership Team

Loretta Weedon, Shelly Stuart, Adele Vesty, Justin Hilton, Karen Commadeur, Ann Maree Enni

As a leadership team, we value having a visible presence in our school. As often as we can you will find us out in the yard checking in with students or working in classrooms to support learning. We are proud of the community spirit at Christ the Priest and will continue to develop this in the extra-curricular activities and events that we provide.

  • Loretta Weedon – Maths Leader
  • Shelly Stuart – Learning Diversity Leader
  • Justin Hilton – Deputy Principal & Wellbeing Leader
  • Adele Vesty – Principal
  • Karen Commadeur – Literacy Leader
  • Ann Maree Ennis – Religious Education Leader

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