About Sales IQ

“Selling should be a noble profession where you are committed to making a positive difference in the life of your customers – professionally and personally.”

Tony Hughes

“The purpose of sales coaching is to enable the salesperson to be the very best they can be.”

Luigi Prestinenzi

Our Purpose

Selling is special, unique and challenging. It’s a complex science and a nuanced art.

Cracking the code of sales success is our life-long quest and we have sought the best minds and intellectual property in all areas of sales and account management.

The future demands that people and technology work together, blending the science and art of success at scale.
We help the world of sales master their craft and thrive in competitive markets and a rapidly changing world.

Our mission is to help you be the best you can be by leveraging technology and intellectual property proven in the furnace of real-world engagement for your success with customers.

We believe in lifelong learning and Sales IQ Global is a platform for sustained sales success, no matter how far your career takes you.

“Selling is more than a job. It’s a profession, a way of life.
Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

Jim Barksdale

Our Values

We operate with integrity and transparency in all that we do.

People matter and we know profits come from providing value and acting with integrity.

We innovate with quality in making the complex elegantly simple.

We create best practice leverage and scale with a sales enablement platform.

We are ‘partner first’ in all engagements as we strive for client success.

Luigi Prestinenzi

Co-founder and CEO

Luigi is the co-founder of Sales IQ and has worked in sales his entire adult life. He is a committed student of success and life-long learner with an impressive professional network. Luigi has had an exceptional career as an individual contributor and sales leader inspiring and managing teams for record-breaking performance. He believes that mindset and a bias toward action is the foundation of success and that strategy and execution is both art and science.

Luigi founded Sales IQ, initially as a consultancy, and then Sales IQ Global to scale with a software platform in his quest to help sellers be the best they can be. Luigi hosts the Sales IQ Podcast, delivers keynotes on best practice sales enablement, and consults to select clients. He is responsible for the commercial operations for Sales IQ Global.

Tony J Hughes

Co-founder and Sales Innovation Director

Tony is an experienced CEO and company director within Asia-Pacific and the USA. With thirty-five years of experience in sales and business leadership, Tony holds individual and team performance records that have never been broken and has developed frameworks for the creation of quality sales pipeline and the way complex enterprise sales opportunities are managed to increase win rates. He is ranked by Top Sales Magazine as the most influential person in professional selling in Asia-Pacific and teaches ‘modernized selling’ within the MBA program at the University of Technology, Sydney. Tony is also a best-selling author and twice ranked as the #1 sales blogger globally in 2017. In 2018 he has also recognized by LinkedIn as the #3 expert though leader globally on B2B sales. He has more than 500,000 followers of his blogs and Tony’s first book is a business best-seller with his second book, COMBO Prospecting, published by HarperCollins and The American Management Association.

Tony is co-founder of sales IQ Global and responsible for thought leadership and innovation in sales methodologies, process and tools. He speaks and conferences globally and consults to well recognised brands worldwide including Salesforce, Flight Centre Travel Group, Adobe and others.

“Tony transcends the concepts of sales practitioner to equip any sales professional to become genuinely strategic anywhere and at any time.”

Paul | Senior Sales Representative, IBM