Top 4 Qualities A Salesperson Must Have In 2017

If you were to think about how you would describe a stereotypical salesman would posses what would they be? Sleasy, demanding, arrogant, slimy, selfish? They are all words that are frequently used to describe salespeople, but in 2017 the perception of salespeople needs to change. Sales IQ have put together the top 4 qualities your sales people MUST possess.

Today You Will Learn: 

The importance of a salesperson’s willingness to learn.

Why Salespeople in 2017 need to be able to listen.

Why every sales office needs ambitious young go getters.

How a tireless work ethic has never meant more in sales.

1. Willingness to learn

Being willing to learn new skills is the key to success in sales, no one is going to walk into the office on their first day and be able to close deals like Don Draper. Quite frankly you might see more resemblance in Dwight Schrute’s sales techniques than anyone else on your first day.  When Sales Manager’s recruit they often look for people with experience or bad habits, people who are ‘born salespeople’. Yet what often gets overlooked is the fact that sales is a skill. A learnt trait that over time with constant development one can simply get better and better.

2. Ability To Listen

At Sales IQ we believe that sales is simply another form of communication. Now if you were to break communication down into two parts you have speaking & listening. While speaking is important listening trumps it because by listening to what the consumer is saying you’re able to respond with empathy and build further trust with the consumer. Remember trust = sales.

Need further proof on the importance of listening? Just think back to an awful experience that you have had with a salesperson, we’ve all had them. These poorly done sales are often very one sided conversations with the salesperson pushing the details of his product down your throat and not listening to a single thing that you have to say. This form of sale does nothing but deter your customer from buying from you.

3. Tireless Work Ethic

Contrary to what “Mad Men” will have you believe, being a successful salesperson is a grind for the majority of people. Work that is focused on sales and probability will produce results. It is like what NBA superstar Kevin Durant said the night he won the MVP “ hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work”, this same principle applies to sales you could have the most charming and charismatic salesman but if he doesn’t want to work hard he won’t get results. Sales teams should be full of grinders because they get results.

4. They’re Ambitious 

They’re competitors. Born with a fists clenched, teeth gritting attitude. They dream big, and won’t settle for anything less than what they expect of themselves. They are self- motivated and show initiative from the moment they walk in the door.

These are the kind of people that will take your team to the next step, they understand that success for your team is success for them, thus making them the ultimate team player.

If you hadn’t noticed, there is an over arching theme to these 4 qualities. Development. You want people in your sales teams to be borderline obsessed with developing themselves to become better people. Keep this 4 qualities in mind when you are looking to hire your companies next Don Draper.

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