Value Matters

Instructor: Anita Nielsen

Duration: 35 Minutes


Value has now become a word that sometimes has little substance. However, building sustainable relationships with prospects and customers and differentiating your services comes from the value you are able to provide.

Join Anita Neilsen, President of LDK Advisory Services and Author of Beat the Bots, where Anita will break down why value matters.

Over the 35 minutes you will learn:

  1. What does value mean
  2. Different layers of value
  3. Why mindset is important
  4. Using the discovery stage of the sales process to help create value
  5. Types of questions to use during the discovery stage


Authenticity Does Matter

Instructor: Larry Levine

Duration: 26 Minutes


When you ask people to come up with some words to describe sales people, you receive many mixed feedback. Most of the time the feedback is negative. Over the years, sellers have created a picture of the selling profession. This has created issues with trust.

Join Larry Levine, Best Selling Author of Selling from the Heart, where Larry unpacks what it takes to be a sales professional and why authenticity is key to being successful in the modern area of sales.

Over the 26 minutes you will learn:

  1. What does selling from the heart mean
  2. Market perception of your brand
  3. Empty suit syndrome and how to avoid it
  4. How to win more sales by being authentic


How to get a meeting with a ‘C’ level executive

Instructor: Steve Hall

Duration: 50 Minutes


The holy grail in selling is getting the decision maker to meet with you. Getting the commitment from a CEO, CIO, COO, a executive who has hundreds of people wanting their time can be challenging.

Join Steve Hall, Australia’s number 1 authority on getting C level executives to meet, where Steve will discuss the strategy he teaches sales organisations globally on how to get meetings with C level executives.

Over the 50 minutes: you will learn:

  1. What does value mean
  2. Different layers of value
  3. The importance of knowing your ideal customer
  4. Why preparing and conducting research before connecting
  5. How to position the offer to meet